Earn Commision - Affiliate Program

Many Internet webmasters, marketers and peoples like you consider affiliate marketing as the ideal way to make money online. But promoting products often is a hard work. That’s why Print My Design helps affiliates to promote products online and earn commissions. As Affiliate you can create Print My Design account immediately and start promoting products online right now!


  • You can earn commissions as high as 10% of a product’s price just for referring buyers!
  • Commissions per sale for all new and returning customers.
  • Monthly Payouts. At the end of each month we will transfer the money you have earned into your PayPal or bank account.
  • If you earn £50 or more in one calendar month, the money will be transferred automatically to you at the end of the month.
  • The minimum payout amount is £10. To request a withdrawal of your earnings, please complete a payout form. Click here to withdraw your earnings.
  • Earnings for all products paid in one payment.
  • Receive commissions to your PayPal or bank account


  • Level 1 (5%) – At the beginning of your journey with recommending our products, you will receive a 5% commission when a new or returning client makes a payment for our services via a link they have received from you. You can generate this link on your Affilite Program profile.
  • Level 2 (7%) – When clients recommended  by you have earned you £500, you will reach level 2 of recommendation and receive 7% commission from each transaction.
  • Level 3 (10%) – This is the highest level of recommendation, which you will reach when the clients recommended by you have earned you £1000. At this level you will receive 10% commission from each transaction.

This dashboard explains in detail your current progress as an affiliate. Here you can find, the total earnings amount of converted visits, profit paid at to your account and profit still waiting to be paid out.

Here you can find your affiliate referral link. Generate a link to share with people you know to earn a commission every time they buy something using your link.

Here you will be able to view all coupons made available to you with special offers for different products and at different times of the year such as ex. New Year, Valentine’s, Christmas etc.

This page allows you to see a full breakdown of all the profit made from others using your referral link. It shows the date of the transaction and whether the payment has yet been made.

This part of the site will allow you to create a personalised banner with your referral link for a specific product. This will take the person who clicks the banner directly to the product with your referral number saved meaning you will automatically earn commission after every purchase made through this link.

This section shows all at the visits made off to the websites through your referral links. It shows the dates and times an which the link has been used generated and whether it has been used by anyone or not.

Here you can enter your PayPal details so that we can transfer your profit to your PayPal account.

Here you can choose whether you would prefer the money going directly into your bank account. If so please provide your bank details, alongside your full name in the textbox.